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Autumn Winter 2015/16

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  • Design in style

    Design in style

    The international event Milan Design Week that involves enthusiasts from all over the world starts in Milan on 12th April. Milan becomes a real catwalk: here is our guidebook to the perfect look for each area of the city...




    Once upon a time there was the shirt. It was called “tunica interior” and it was worn underneath the clothes until the year 1000. We can think of it as a shapeless - or almost - unisex garment to wear underneath clothes..


  • #AgelessElegance


    Style, It’s not about age. The 89th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo demonstrated it by choosing the “concept of generations” as the main topic; Brooksfield confirms it with the 2016-2017 Fall/winter collection...


  • Everythings begins with a thread

    Everythings begins with a thread

    Everything begins with a thread. Even the charm of a sweater that lasts forever, to be worn season after season because it’s filled with memories, that relate to special moments, gives character to the look and remains beautiful despite the “wrinkles” of life...


  • Style under the Christmas tree

    Style under the Christmas tree

    He is busy with cross-fit and gym training during the week and with the first ski slopes of the winter season during the weekend so, for the sporty type the last days -or rather, last hours - before holidays are a rush to find the right presents for family and friends...


  • STYLE ADVICE * Candela Novembre

    STYLE ADVICE * Candela Novembre

    We interview, inside the walls of her cozy house, Candela Novembre, lampoon Web Executive Editor and "Candela Meets" author for RedMilk magazine, Style Icon and mother of two girls: Celeste and Verde. Here's what she told us...




    The key elements of a dinamic lifestyle that is in constant evolution are liberty and comfort. For this season Brooksfield offers a casual and refined look that has revisited fabrics, colours, shapes, and tendencies with a new contemporary twist...


  • FALL 2015


    The Brooksfield woman is back.
    The brand redefines and renews its style and quality values that have made it become a point of reference for the elegant and sophisticated woman who loves Anglo-Italian style...


  • Glastonbury and Summer Festivals

    Glastonbury and Summer Festivals

    Who would have ever imagined that a series of concerts and music lessons organized in the city of Glastonbury [..] Jack Savoretti, Brooksfield’s testimonial, for this special performance...


  • Jack Savoretti suona per Brooksfield

    Jack Savoretti suona per Brooksfield

    His love for Genoa and his style, his duets and his memories in his music: Jack Savoretti, the author of “Written in Scars” tells his story during the photoshoot for the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 ad campaign...


Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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The brand

Brooksfield was born in 1971 as men’s trousers brand, but in a short time, it was transformed into a “total look” with a refined English imprint. Its combination of tradition and innovation rejects ostentation in favour of an elegant, understated, personal and always distinct style. Brooksfield represents a successful blend of Anglo-Saxon style and Italian tailoring tradition. The distinguishing symbol of the Brooksfield name is the “Mallard”, which symbolizes the personalized commitment to the development of a style, based only on reliable instinct. Brooksfield collections have an unaffected, timeless style for the man who follows trends but is no fashion victim. He makes his own decisions and believes in certain values, which is why he chooses to wear clothes that are comfortable and refined, with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Brooksfield garment is not simply for wearing but is an inherent expression of one’s personality. Elegance, being something which cannot be acquired through brand names and exterior aspects, but which is an intrinsic part of every person, and his personalized choices for those who recognize the importance of even the finest detail. The Brooksfield brand is property of Fratelli Fila Group which has represented made in Italy excellence since 1906. The Group, following Biella wool tradition and heritage, currently specializes in the production and distribution of casual sportswear of top quality products. The company operates across a wide range of brands both on the domestic and the main foreign markets. Distinctive features of the Group are constant product quality control, a great tradition based on over 100 years of history, a dynamic organization able to meet changing market demands and attentive end-customer service.Read more




Strada Antica per Benna 1
13871 Verrone (Biella) - Italy
Tel +39 0152556411
Fax +39 0155821848


Via Bernardino Telesio, 18 20145 Milano - Italy
Tel +39 02 4984715



Via Bernardino Telesio, 17  20145 Milano - Italy
Tel. +39 02 87212962